Recruiting Tools For Your Startup

Human Capital Team

We've created three key recruiting resources for your startup to use to build a powerful recruiting strategy. Use these tools to create a recruiting plan, and then learn how to execute it.

The Sequoia Recruiting Calculator

Plan your recruiting efforts with this helpful tool.

The recruiting calculator helps you plan recruiting efforts by highlighting two variables that have the biggest impact on the time it takes to build a team: your referral percentage and your ability to close candidates.

Try the Recruiting Calculator

Recruit Engineers in Less Time

Dissecting how to use the Recruiting Calculator


Got 990 free hours? Not likely. Yet that’s how long it takes the typical startup to hire 12 engineers. This article walks you through how to use the recruiting calculator from above. It also discusses critical recruiting concepts like understanding your hiring funnel, the value of referrals, and target rates for closing candidates.

Break Down the Calculator's Output

Triple Your Referral Rates

The key to unlocking hidden referrals.

Memory Palace

People have a lifetime of memories living in their long-term memory, including their former colleagues. Your task is to systematically unlock the best people from your employees’ past by following three steps.

Unlock Your Referral Vault

The Strategic Value of Onboarding

Hyper-growth can have its downsides. For one thing, even tight-knit cultures may start to fray as headcount swells. Yet many companies overlook a key tool for keeping the tapestry intact—the onboarding process.

A thoughtful onboarding process ensures that every new employee understands your company’s founding purpose, values, customer stories, and operating norms from the very first day. Done right, onboarding will set the tone for your company’s culture and help retain your best talent.

Onboarding Guide