Analyzing Metric Changes

Data Science Team

Monitoring metrics is essential for determining the success of any product. Once a key metric has been selected—one that accurately represents an overarching goal for the product—moving that metric in the right direction becomes the top priority. This series focuses on how to determine the primary drivers of key metric changes and how to analyze them.

Metric changes are almost always due to one or more of the following factors: product changes, seasonal factors, competition, mix shift, and data quality. This seven part series will dive deep into how to think about each of these factors and analyze changes in your product’s metrics:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Product Changes

Part 3: Seasonal Factors

Part 4: Competition and Other External Factors

Part 5: Mix Shift

Part 6: Data Quality

Part 7: Action Plan

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This work is a product of Sequoia Capital's Data Science team. Jamie Cuffe, Avanika Narayan, Chandra Narayanan, Hem Wadhar and Jenny Wang contributed to this post. Please email with questions, comments and other feedback.